Board Meeting

How to Launch Paperless Board Meetings

Today, a paperless board meeting is gaining popularity among companies of different sizes and industries. Modern technology offers software for paperless board meetings, which fundamentally changed how board meetings are planned and organized. Using virtual documents instead of physical documents has several benefits, including increased security, savings, and ease of use. All you need is a stable Internet connection and the right online solution. This article will look at how to start holding paperless board meetings.

Why should you start holding paperless board meetings?

In the age of digitalization, paperless board meeting solutions are both a matter of convenience and necessity. With the advent of technology, business needs have increased dramatically because it can facilitate and automate many processes. These programs help the board of directors seamlessly share confidential information and collaborate effectively in a unified space. Corporate executives understand that for their businesses to remain competitive, they must incorporate cutting-edge technology into their structure. Plus, the cost of a paperless board program is affordable for companies of all sizes. Many executives have noticed that with the advent of this software, the board meeting process has become more efficient, as you can create agendas within the software, set up meeting calendars, exchange messages and create annotations, and conduct online video conferencing. Advanced technology pushes the board to collaborate more productively and make decisions quickly.

What benefits make a whiteboard portal offer?

Boardroom portals are professional tools with a powerful infrastructure that offers easy management and navigation. They simplify many board processes and encourage collaboration. Some of the most useful features of a board portal include:

    • Agenda Builder – Now, to create an agenda, you don’t have to start preparing a month before a meeting; it can be done in a couple of hours. The program offers templates for the agenda, and the ability to attach additional documents to it
    • Integration with video – you can hold meetings remotely while being in a fully protected space
    • Meeting reports – the software provides automatic reports that you can access at any time
    • Task and Document Management tools – Drag and Drop, Smart Document Search, and the ability to set tasks and deadlines
    • Surveys and voting – can be customized depending on your case and can be made anonymous
    • Access control – protects data from data leakage

How to successfully launch a paperless board meeting program?

To successfully implement and effectively use a paperless meeting program, you need to follow these steps:

      • Select the right vendor

Board portal vendors are like stars in the sky. Still, you need to choose the right one for your industry from these offerings and offer security, simplicity, and advanced digital document management settings.

      • Control access to all documents

Not everyone on the board needs to have access to all documents. Set the level of access for individual users to files based on their responsibilities. You can even set a password for your records.

      • Develop a clear agenda

Make sure you put all the documents you need to prepare for the meeting in your board packet. This will ensure a seamless, paperless meeting process; users can log in and review agenda items anytime.

      • Promote employee interaction during the meeting

Warn your colleagues that it is imperative to turn on cameras during the meeting. This way, you can increase cooperation and interaction among participants, allowing you to better gauge how board members react to a particular piece of information.